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Jaisalmer, the Mystical City………..


Be swept away by this enchanting Desert Fortress city. Roam the Fort area, wander the narrow cobble-stoned streets and ancient buildings and explore this mystical city.


The Thar or Great Indian Desert, stretches along Rajasthan. Western Border with Pakistan. Rising out of the desert is the City of Jaisalmer, built on a triple- peaked rock known as Trikuta in 1156. At the base of the hill, the man-made Lake Gadsisar was the only source of water for the town. Many of the surrounding buildings and steps were built by Telia, a well known courtesan.


Jaisalmer takes its name from the two words Jaisal and Meru which means Jaisalmer Fort. The Fort is ranked as one of the Major ones in India and was recently voted the second Wonder of India.


Lying on the caravan route, it was a key pillar to the region prosperity. The wealthy Marwari merchants here built elaborate Havelis or mansions. During Rawal Sabal Singhs reign (1650-59), Jaisalmer recognized the sovereignty of Delhi and a new era began, resulting in exquisite Havelis and palaces being built during this time.


In Jaisalmer the exteriors of most buildings are decorated. The fine carving, latticework and rare inlay work in the yellow sandstone on the facades of the homes has given the city its reputation as a living museum.


Place to visit in Jaisalmer city :


·         Golden Fort: Jain temple, City Palace

·         Patwa ki haveli

·         Diwan Nathmal ki haveli

·         Salim singh ki haveli

·         Gadisar Lake

·         Tazia Tower

·         Sunset Point (Vyas Chhatri) 


Enjoy the stunning Golden City of Jaisalmer with our City Tour.


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