Mystic Yoga

“Yoga is the cessation of the movements of the mind.
Then there is abiding in the Seer’s own form.” -Patanjali

 ABHYANGA “ayurvedic dream with warm oils and touching“

Abhyanga is an oil massage with natural oils which activates our inner balance, and thus the body activates self healing powers, because of the flow of touching the meridians. And it is detoxing, balancing and healing.

It makes our bodies smoother, more energized and deeper relaxed. This application also soothe our mind, and has a great revjuvenating effect.

Price: 2000 Rps


Sahaté comes from Sanskrit and means to be protected, hold and loved. The essence of this mixture of passive yoga and nourishing massage, with fragrant natural oils is precisely this feeling of relaxation, healing and flowing. This fluid of stretching, breathing, and touch opens the body, the mind and the soul, and by releasing it could bring about deep relaxation as well as an existential healing experience.

Price: 2200 Rps


Sahate is Sanskrit and means “to be hold, beloved and protected“. It is a yoga practice, which combines postures with the flow of our breath in a very special way.  And step by step we flow into our self, feel our self, become deeply connected with our inner silence. Body, mind and spirit become powerful and energized. And you could feel your unique flow.

Price : 600 Rps

Dr. Manuela Maria Uma Pozvek Founder Sahaté Tantra Yoga With Sahaté Tantra Yoga, I am treading my personal path of truthfulness and awareness. It is a liberation about the sensuality, the creative power and the experience of the real essence.
Enjoy an energizing session of gentle Hatha yoga during your stay in Jaisalmer with Prem Yogini Sylvia, a Canadian yoga teacher who has relocated to this magical location.
Sylvia has over twenty years of experience, in all aspects of yoga practice from asanas to pranayama and meditation. Together you can explore your true essence while stretching, aligning and balancing your physical body.
Enjoy a class before or after your desert safari, or any other time during your stay.
Best time for classes are in the early morning or late afternoon.
Group or Private Classes are Available.
Yoga & Meditation at the Sand Dunes.
Flexible Times
Please Book at Reception. Namaste.

– Sylvia “Prem Yogini”

Hatha yoga

60 minutes……………………………. INR 200 each

private classes weekly…….. 1000 per person


“Massage is to come to a rapport with the aliveness of somebody eles’s body and to feel where it is missing, to feel where the body is fragmentary and to make it whole…to help the energy of the body só it is no more fragmentary, no more contradictory. When the energies of the body are falling into line and become an orchestra, then you succeed. So be very respectful about a human body. It is the very shrine of God, the temple of God.”

– Excerpeted from Dance Your Way to God, Osho

Abhayanga, Classic relaxing and Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

– Naiana Noori

“Let your body and your soul be one – a song sung in togetherness, a dance where body and soul meet and merge”

Osho – The Secret

Book your session at the reception

Abhyanga and Classical Relaxing Massage

60 minutes……………………………. INR 1800

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

90 minutes …………………………… INR 2100

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