Sufi desert tour & full moon Sema inIndia 2016

Caravan of seekers

10.02.2016 – 27.02.2016

India is a continent of contrasts. From South to North it takes 3200 km, from West to East 3000 km. India is one of the most fascinating countries of the world. Beauty and ugliness are close together. Charming landscapes, magnificent monuments, art of construction in fabulous palaces and peaceful life of different religions on one side, on the other side dirt, beggars, crowded streets, sometimes religious fanatism, a lot of animals in the streets like cows, pigs, monkeys. The big difference between richness, beauty and poorness and miserably brings sometimes confusions to the traveler.

In 2016 we will have again the opportunity to travel to India.

The travel starts from Dehli by train or plain to Jaisalmer. It’s a long way by train directly (18 hours) or a shorter first by plane to Jodhpur and then by bus to Jaisalmer.  You can book your flights as well as trainticktes on:

Jaisalmer is located in the desert of Thar. It is called also the Golden City because of its sandstone buildings. This oasis is a beautiful historic place, grounded in 1156. It was an important place in the times of caravans, between India and Central Asia.

The soil here is grateful even to a little rain and turns lush green during mansoon. There is no perennial river in the district. The underground water level is very low. Living with minimum of water is obligatory.

District Jaisalmer has a very dry climate with very hot summer; a cold winter and sparse rains. The climate is extremely hot during summer with maximum temperature reaching up to 49.2 degree celcious and extremely cold during winder with minimum temp. In the range of 1 degree celcious. The variation in temperature from morning to noon and the late midnight is a sudden phenomenon. The average rainfall is only 16.4 cms as against the state average of 57.51 cms.

In January and February in the day it can be pretty warm and in the night the temperature can sink to 5 degrees.

We will stay two first days in Jaiselmer to have a good acclimatization and prepare our desert tour.

The first day of the camel tour we go to the desert and sleep in tents.

The second to fifth day we will go by camels and sleep outside in the sand.

The last days we will stay in a camel farm. Because of the time of full moon we will have a Sema there.

Only the first and last day in the desert we will have water for washing. We will learn from the local people how to use the sand for cleaning.

Sometimes local musicians and dancers will share the evenings with us.

Next day we return to Jaiselmer.

Our friend Ashraf was born in this region and is living most of the time here. He is a son of the desert and will guide us all the time. We will sta y in his hotel or in the neigbourhood.

Dr. R. Oruç Güvenç, Sufimaster and Musictherapist  will teach us through music and dances, meditation, Zikir, Sema and Sohbet.

Our journey will be a travel in the sense of a modern caravan of learning and experience.

Most of the prophets were living in the deserts or they retreated for some time into the desert. Delivered to nature and Allah, they followed their inner impulses and opened in the bleak landscape their intuition.

In the silence of the desert they listened to their inner voices and the divine sounds and found peace and strength.

We will remember the wise and holy women who lived before us taught us with their lives.

Living simple in nature is for most of us a big challenge and experience.

Although our tour is planned and structured it can be that oriental way of life brings unexpected changes. Beside of all scheduled programs we are guided by our readiness and attendance for spontaneous meetings, tolerance and acceptance for the people and situations we meet.

This form of teaching is called Suhurat.

Schedule for Jaisselmer

  • Wednesday, 10.02.2016 – day of arrival in Dehli
  • Thursday, 11.02.2016 – train or flight to Jodhpur and on to Jaisselmar
  • Friday, 12.02.2016 – Jaisselmar
  • Saturday, 13.02.2016 – Jaisselmar
  • Sunday, 14.02.2016 – start: deserttour, sleeping in the camp in tents
  • Monday, 15.02.2016  – camelwalk 1, sleeping under the sky
  • Tuesday, 16.02.2016 – camelwalk 2, sleeping under the sky
  • Wednesday, 17.02.2016 – camelwalk 3, sleeping under the sky
  • Thursday, 18.02.2016 – camelwalk 4, sleeping under the sky
  • Friday, 19.02.2016 – camelwalk 5, sleeping under the sky
  • Saturday, 20.02.2016 – staying in a camelfarm
  • Sunday, 21.02.2016 – staying in camelfarm & Fullmoon Sema
  • Monday, 22.02.2016 – returning to Jaisselmer
  • Tuesday, 23.02.2016 – Jaissalmar –
  • Wednesday, 24.02.2016 – Jaissalmar – Jodhpur
  • Thursday, 25.02.2016 – Jodhpur
  • Friday, 26.02.2016 – Jodhpur – Dehli
  • Saturday, 27.02.2016 – return from Dehli home

Price for 17 days

1300 Euro

1500 Euro

(includes all meals, accommodations, transportation from Jodhpur to Jaisselmer and  back to Jodhpur, Seminars & Sufiteaching; camelriding and Sema

The travel to & from India back, train or flight in India from Dehli to Jodhpur is not included, but on the hand of the travelers.

For further informations:

Andrea Azize Güvenç

She is Occupational Therapist and Musictherapist for Türkish Music Therapy. Since 1999 is she married with Dr. Güvenç and moved with him to Turkey. Since this time they are working and travelling together.

She organizes Tümata programs and travels. She translates her husband in seminars and became a solo-singer and dancer.

As a photographer she documents the work.

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