Caravan of Seekers
Jaisalmer 2016
What you seek is seeking you.

Sufi Desert Tour & Full Moon Sema in India
2016 12.02.2016 – 24.02.2016

India is a continent of contrasts.

India is a continent of contrasts.

From South to North it takes 3200 km, from West to East 3000 km. India is one of the most fascinating countries in the world. Beauty and ugliness exist side by side. On the one hand you find charming landscapes, magnificent monuments and architecture, exotic palaces and forts, and peaceful coexistence of different religions; on the other, dirt, beggars, occasional religious fanaticism, streets crowded with tuk-tuks, traffic, cows, pigs, and even monkeys. The extreme contrast of wealth, beauty and smiling faces with poverty, frustration and harassment is o”en confusing for the traveller. In 2016 we will have again the opportunity to travel to India.

The journey begins in Jaisalmer.

The journey begins in Jaisalmer.

Jaisalmer is located in the desert of Thar. It is also called the Golden City because of its sandstone buildings. This oasis is a beautiful historic place, founded in 1156. It held a strategic position during the period of caravans on the Silk Route between India and Central Asia. The soil in Jaisalmer is grateful even for a little rain and turns lush green during the monsoon season. There is no perennial river in the district. The underground water level is very low and living with a minimum of water is obligatory. The district of Jaisalmer has a very dry climate with very hot summers, a cold winter and sparse rains. The temperature can vary from a high of 49 degrees celsius in summer, to almost 0 degrees in winter. There are also extreme drops and increases in temperature from daytime to night. The average rainfall is only 16.4 cms compared to the state average of 57.51 cms. In January and February daytime temperatures are pleasant and moderate, while at night the temperature can sink to 5 degrees. We will spend our first two days in Jaisalmer to get acclimatized to desert conditions and to prepare for our desert tour.

Experience the timelessnes

Experience the timelessnes

The first day of the camel tour we go to the desert and sleep in tents. The second to fi”h day we will travel by camel and sleep outside under the stars. The next few days we will stay at a camel farm. As this is the time of the full moon we will have a Sema there. There will only be water for washing on the first and last day in the desert. We will learn from the local people how to use the sand for cleaning. At times local musicians and dancers will share the evenings with us. On the final day we return to Jaisalmer.

Oh Lovers, Where are you going? Who are you looking for? Your beloved is right here.

Diving deeply into the mystical practices of Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi guided by our beloved Turkish Sufi Master, Oruc Guvenc. A divine celebration of live Sufi music, whirling, Zikr (chanting) and Sufi discourse. Your schedule for a inspiring time in Jaisalmer and the great desert of Thar

Friday, 12.02.2016

arrival in Jaisalmer.

Saturday, 13.02.2016

Exploring Jaisalmer.

Sunday, 14.02.2016

start: Desert tour, sleeping in the camp in swiss tents

Monday, 15.02.2016

camel walk 1, sleeping under the stars.

Tuesday, 16.02.2016

camel walk 2, sleeping under the stars

Wednesday, 17.02.2016

camel walk 3, sleeping under the stars

Thursday, 18.02.2016

camel walk 4, sleeping under the stars

Friday, 19.02.2016

camel walk 5, sleeping under the stars

Saturday, 20.02.2016

staying in a camel farm

Sunday, 21.02.2016

staying in camel farm & full moon Sema

Monday, 22.02.2016

returning to Jaisalmer

Tuesday, 23.02.2016


Wednesday, 24.02.2016


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